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Water Pump Distributor
We offer a wide range of water pumps for use as a broad industrial part. With in-depth application expertise from extensive field experience; our focus is on providing customers and consumers of highly efficient water technology that reduces operational costs, increases productivity and promotes sustainability. PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama as a Water Pump Distributor runs his business in a way that is responsible and more sustainable. We make products and solutions that help our customers save natural resources and reduce climate impacts. We take an active role in the communities around us.

Selling Generator
PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama Selling Generator Generators and supplying various electrical products. All products are manufactured according to production standards to convince them of the best quality that is produced and accepted for the international market. Our commitment is to provide electrical products to meet customer demand, and create more value for users, make a contribution to social development by providing power. Selling quality generator sets. Providing high-quality electrical equipment and mechanical engineering equipment for users.

Hydrant Diesel Supplier
With the spirit of always improving product quality and service to our customers, PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama as one of the Hydrant Diesel Suppliers will always participate in solving problems with the best and fast solutions. Diesel Hydrant is a pump that has a function as a backup or replaces the work of an electric hydrant pump when there is a power outage in the area of ​​fire as a booster of water coming from the reservoir to the hydrant network.


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