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Ebara FS Pump
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Specification of Ebara FS Pump

Ebara FS Pump

In today's modern era pumps have a very important role for human life. As well as having a very important role for various industries such as drinking water industry, oil, petrochemical, power center and so on. PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama as a distributor of water pumps ensure that the feb ebra pumps we provide can be applied for the following needs:

- Industrial use.
- Water supply.
- Hot and cold water supply.
- For swimming pool.
- Splash.
- Air conditioning.
- Application of fire fighting.

PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama as a distributor of water pump fs ebara provide pump features as follows:

- Easy transfer and maintenance, BPO system (Back Pull Out)
allowing all rotating elements to be removed without releasing work
suction and discharge pipe.
- Centered release, foot support under the casing for maximum durability
due to misalignment and distortion of the pipe load.
- Non-overloaded design to ensure stable performance for all applications.
- Wider range application with flow capacity up to 22 m3 / min.
- Higher work pressure up to 30 bar.

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