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Genset Foton Daigenko - 4JB1TGAC
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Sell Genset Foton Daigenko - 4JB1TGAC

Specification of Genset Foton Daigenko - 4JB1TGAC

Genset Foton Daigenko - 4JB1TGAC

Data Enginge
Manufacture / Model: FOTON - 4JB1TGAC
Generator: DAIGENKO DGK184J
Cyclinder: 4 / Vertical line
Cycle: 4 Stroke
Displacement: 2,771 liters
Bore and Shops: 93 x 102mm
Compression ratio:
RPM rated: 1500 RPM
Prime Power: 28 KWM
Stand by Power: 32 KWM
Dimensions (L x W x H): 855 x 590 x 799mm
Weight: 241 KG
Silent Noise: Less than 92 DB
Cooling system:
Gasoline generator

Data generator
Manufacture / Model: DAIGENKO DGK184J
Rated Power Factor: 0.8
Protection: IP23
Insulation Systems: Class H
Bearing Number: Bearing Single
Coupling: Direct
Output Power: 30 KVA

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