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Genset Generator Fawde CA6110-125-15GG2
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19 Mar 2019
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Genset Generator Fawde CA6110-125-15GG2

It is a machine tool whose benefits are needed once in a backup power supply system. Electrical energy becomes one of the most important needs because it is the biggest advocate of various aspects. Diesel / diesel generators for public buildings such as government offices, hospitals, clinics, puskesmas, police stations, fire brigades, etc. are a primary need. PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama sell generator generator that will support electricity supply for public service offices. Genset is very easy to obtain, the price is affordable, so this device can be used as one of the power source that can be used as a backup of resources.

Model Creation: FAWDE CA6110-125-15GG2
Cyclinder / arragement: 4 / Vertical on Track
Cycle: 4 strokes
Displacement: 7.13 Liter
Bore And Store: 110 x 125 mm
Compression ratio: 17: 1
RPM rated: 2900 RPM
Power rated: 110 KW
Power Net: 98 KW
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1245 x 710 x 1015mm
Weight: 560 KG
Cooling System: Radiator With Connecting Pipe

PT. Surya Sejahtera Bersama sell generator generator that not only answer the demand of electric energy for industrial sector only, but also can answer the need of electric energy in remote areas which still shortage of power plant especially in agriculture sector, plantation, and household.

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